The Three Pillars of IoT Device Security

Tala Device

  • Resides onboard the CPU and secures all communication
  • Manages incoming signed commands and updates
  • Monitors hacking attempts and provides security alerts and logs
  • Provides security analytics for Tala Security Server
  • Compliance of standards - FDA for Medical devices, SAE J3061 for automobiles and others like HIPAA and GDPR.

Tala Security

  • Manages security of the device for its lifetime once deployed
  • Enables secure over the air firmware updates
  • Secure Key Management
  • Remote field support and Diagnostics and Access Control
  • Secure Device Monitoring and Tracking
  • AI Security Backend Analytics based on incoming hack attempts

Tala Manufacturing Orchestrator

  • Optional Component to Enhance Security prior to field deployment
  • Locks down devices during manufacturing
  • Injects manufacturing keys in the factory
  • Installs signed software to prevent malicious software injection
  • Manages records of injected keys vs devices

Benefits of TalaSecure

Comprehensive Security

From Secure Boot to Secure Applications, TalaSecure protects all the software layers

Quick Time to Market

Takes weeks, not months or years to deploy

Zero Touch Deployment

An end-to-end software solution without coding and integration.

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