Use Cases

Security for new devices

TalaSecure has a unique three-stage process to build security to IoT devices ground up. They are:

  • Pre-manufacturing phase: TalaSecure provides an TalaSecure agent to the developer to test the system. The firmware is signed and encrypted.
  • Manufacturing phase: The TalaSecure manufacturing orchestrator is integrated into the factory software to enable the injection of production keys and signed firmware.
  • Deployment phase: The TalaSecure Security server enables auto installation of devices in the field with no touch deployment. Devices can be:
    • Securely tracked and monitored
    • Upgraded with new firmware
    • Remotely diagnosed and given commands
    • Updated with new keys


Security for legacy devices

TalaSecure can upgrade security of devices in the field without recalling them. This feature is made more secure if these devices are connected using a cellular platform (3G/4G).


Legacy 2.png

We build security in, not as an afterthought