Cellular IoT Security

IoT devices are expected to hit 50 billion in numbers by 2020. IoT Cellular platforms make it easy to connect devices to the internet making them and their infrastructure susceptible to hacking attempts.
TalaSecure's security can be integrated into IoT cellular platforms with ease.

The TalaSecure Agent uses the cellular SIM as a secure element to upgrade the security of connected devices -

  • The security of legacy devices can be upgraded over the cellular connection.
  • New devices can be updated in the factory via SIM or via writing updated firmware.

Automobile Cyber Security

Automobile vulnerabilities can lead to death, injury and loss of property. There are 50 million connected cars on the road and 33 million to be shipped this year.
TalaSecure provides protection to cars via communication firewalls, port blocking and access control.

  • Cars on the road can be upgraded to be secure without having to recall them to service stations.
  • New cars can be manufactured with security built-in.

Billions of vulnerable devices out there, so little time to secure all of them!